Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ink - an addiction

Everyone who knows me personally knows how "normal" I look - I dress nicely, have a love of beautiful purses, wear expensive makeup, and take pride in keeping my hair stylish.

Beneath the nice dress and stylish hair lurks a secret.  I have a love of ink.  My first tattoo, done in 2002, is a tribal heart I designed for my mom.  I decided on a tribal because of our native heritage; had I done better research I might have come up with a better design.  It was poorly done because I didn't know how to choose an artist; in fact, a few months after he did my tattoo his meth lab was raided and he was shut down.  I've always wanted it fixed, but the price to do so (about $400 was my latest quote) has kept me from doing so.

My second came not long after moving to Alaska.  Well, if you count them individually, my 2nd-11th.  

As I see this as a form of art, I plan my tattoos around a theme.  Obviously, my theme is hearts and the message each one holds.  In this case, my heart is soaring free.  I've found the love of my life, moved away from an abusive situation, and found peace.  I would like to add tiny hearts until the number reaches 20, my lucky number.  The foot hurts like hell to tattoo though, so it might be a while :).

My most recent addition is a unique heart on the back of my neck.  It is made from arrows - one forming the bow pointing up, one forming the bow pointing down.  

This was taken right after it was done, so there is still swelling and ink smeared around it

This I chose especially for someone very close to my heart.  We met in early 2000, and clicked in a way only soul sisters can.  We share a love of many things, and have experienced similar heartbreaking losses.  The arrows represent the distance between us - The teal is me in Alaska, the fuschia is my Kristen in Florida.  Although we are a nation apart, our souls will always be combined :).  Love you, my rebel rebel!

I have plans for a few more - I'd like to cover the ugly scars from my shoulder surgery with two heart-shaped "bandaids;" I have plans for a steampunk heart just for Faith....the list goes on.  The importance for me is that they stay fairly people are really surprised when they see them :)