Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Writer

Actually, that should read "a day in my life as a writer."  Although, I imagine most writers have a process very similar :).

9:30-10:30 am - Wake up.  Put on yoga pants and a t-shirt, throw hair in a sloppy ponytail.  Spend the next 20 minutes making yourself at least presentable so you won't scare the boogers out of the UPS man (who brings all your purchases since you never get out to shop).

11 am - contemplate eating breakfast.  Figure yogurt and a bite of cheese must be healthy.  Eat in front of the TV watching either the Food Channel or Travel Channel.

1 pm - realize you've been comatose watching food shows and you're starving.  Wander in the kitchen, stare inside the fridge for 5 minutes, realize it's too much work to make lunch so you eat a handful of peanuts.

1:30 pm - open laptop, spend next 45 minutes catching up on Facebook.  Read favorite blogs, search random sites for things like "cats wearing hats" and "how to cook as little as possible and survive."

2:30 pm - inspiration to write surfaces, spend next 20 minutes fiddling with wording in last chapter.  Realize it needs re-writing, so mark it in red in frustration and move on.  Realize the last chapter is bugging you too much to continue, so re-write it with angry keystrokes.

4:00 pm - wonder if boyfriend and daughter will protest having take-out, delivery, or drive through dinner once again.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup for a third night?

6:00 pm - find yourself playing puzzle games on phone or the latest Hidden Object Puzzle game from Big Fish.  See your novel writing software's icon at the bottom of  your screen and feel guilty.

8:00 pm - inspiration reappears, but now you're torn between night-time tv with the family or writing.  Guess what wins?

10:00 pm - final bid for writing....manage a chapter or two and give up.  Realize tomorrow will be better.


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