Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alright, Winter - Bring It On!

I'm ready.  Well, not 100% ready, but I've accepted that winter is coming, and I've begun planning for it.

I need a new pair of jeans, and I'm thinking of a semi-skinny so I can boots that tuck into them.  I know, me in skinnies!  I haven't worn anything but trouser fit for the last decade.  I want a good tall boot, and maybe a pair of Uggs.  I don't slog through the snow so much, so I think Uggs would work for me.  If they are waterproofed, they should stay dry.  I need a few more tops, maybe sweaters - those I had in my winter storage are too big!  I also need a well-fitting winter coat.  I really want a Lands End coat, but I think I might get a peacoat from Old Navy.  I want to be colorful, and they have a great yellow one :).  With my bogs from last winter, I should have a good selection of snow footwear.

One thing I am definitely looking forward to is seeing the evolution of the snow.  There was a foot+ on the ground when we got here last year, so I didn't get to see it develop.  I am looking forward to that first morning that we wake up to a good blanket of snow, and see it build rather than melt.  I'm NOT looking forward to driving in it for the first few weeks - I've been warned by EVERYBODY I meet that people seem to forget how to drive on the snow and ice at first and drive like crazy people.  We have a nice, new SUV with lovely traction control, so I'm not worried about myself as much as the other people.  Watching the progression of the snow building up will be interesting.  In Oregon, it almost always happened overnight (the only time temps dipped below freezing), so we wouldn't watch it build.  A lot of people are worried we will have another harsh winter given the cool, wet summer and early snowfall.  We'll see - I'm kind of excited now that I've accepted it!

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