Friday, June 3, 2011

And You Thought YOUR Parents Were Crazy.....

Me, holding up a tiny pair of thong underwear at Rue 21:  oh my god....what is this?

Teenager:  *snicker*

Me, fumbling it around looking for wearable parts:  who wears this?  What does it cover?  Why is it so shiny.....oh look!  It's an eyepatch! Yar! (and yes, I did put the teensy, tiny triangle to my eye)

Teenager bursts out laughing, and we continue to ravage the underwear bins, looking for undies that are more than a wink and a promise....

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  1. I pretty much had the same thought @ the unerware bin @ rue 21...!!! Jess " now you know why everyone walks funny..." funny,but true.


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