Monday, June 13, 2011

Soap and Restless Legs

We'll return to the summer chronicles soon, but I had to post this.

The last few nights, I've suffered horribly from Restless Legs.  I've always had a problem with it, but the "regular" medication (Requip) for it is super-expensive, so I've taken a different method to solve it.  Due to unforeseen issues, that different method won't be available again until Thursday, so I've been a twitchy, kicky, unhappy sleeper.

Four nights of unsatisfying sleep has made me a total grouch, so I knew I had to get a decent night's sleep soon.  When I laid down to drift off last night, the twitching started and I ended up flinging myself out of bed after 1/2 an hour.  I would rather stay up all night than toss and turn while kicking and twitching my legs!  Frustrated, I fired up the internet and began searching for home remedies for RLS.  Interestingly enough, pretty much every site I visited recommended putting a (dry) bar of soap under your bottom sheet.  Say wha....?  I was desperate for sleep, so I grabbed a new bar of soap (Bath and Body Works vanilla, from a motel stay.  What, you don't take the soap too?  Well this was GOOD soap!) and slid it under my fitted sheet.  Whenever I felt twitchy, I rubbed my foot over the soap and the twitches stopped.  In fact, I fell asleep around 12:30 and slept until 7 - a record for me!

There's no scientific explanation for why it works.  Some sites state that it must be a deodorant soap, and Ivory apparently doesn't work.  I don't care either way, I'm just so relieved I had a non-twitchy night!

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  1. Did it explain whyyy that works? That's odd. But great that it works for you. The only thing I need is some tape for one of my cats who likes to meow all the time.


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