Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Witchy 1996-2011

My dear little furface:

Saying goodbye to you today was the hardest thing I've had to do in a long time.  The last few weeks, I've watched you decline from the beautiful, regal creature you've always been and it has been breaking my heart.  When I had to carry you to your food bowl and stand over you while you ate, I knew your time was short.

We've been together a lot of years, my friend.  You got me through my divorce, a grueling year of college, moving to Grants Pass, two horrible jobs, and the end of a very bad relationship.  During that time, you offered me your love and support through snuggles and purrs, wanting nothing back but a pat on the head or scratch under the chin.  If only we can find such love in life from other people.

When I got you up this morning and placed you in front of your bowl, you looked up at me with a look of sadness that made me realize your time had come.  I knew you would panic in a carrier, so I put your towel in a laundry basket and set you in.  Your normal demeanor would be to glare at me and jump out, but you started purring and laid down.  Your calm acceptance made it all real and I lost my ability to hold it together.  I'm sorry to put you through that at the end of your life.

At the vet, you didn't even struggle.  Your acceptance was so heartbreaking; you knew why you were there.  You laid on that table and purred, looking at me with wide eyes.  I felt the life leave your body, and my grief was so strong I crumpled over you, sobbing.  For 14 years, I've appreciated your love so much, beautiful girl.  I hope your journey into the beyond is beautiful, and  your reward for giving me so much happiness great.  Rest peacefully my love, I hope we will find each other again.  I can't imagine my life without you.



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