Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here We Go Again....

So, it's time to start blogging again after a few years off.  I started blogging in 2000, when xanga was still a baby and Bianca Broussard recruited me personally.  Too bad she was eventually revealed as a marketing scheme rather than an actual person.  In any case, I was hooked.  I blogged pretty much daily from 2000-2009, when I just became too weary of my life's issues at the time and too wary of prying eyes.  Since then, I've been blurbing on Facebook.  Lately I've felt too restricted by Facebook's word count limits and holding back some posts for fear of stepping on anyone's toes.

I want this new blog to become a place where I can say what I want, how I want, and when I want.  Will I complain a lot? you not know me?  Of course I will.  I hope I'll also write insightful, cheerful posts about the things that matter to me.

Thanks for joining me!


  1. Ah, Bianca Broussard...the memories. Fond and not so fond. I'm happy to leave that behind me now. It was a weird time for me, personally...but all my xanga friends helped me get through.

  2. I recall being personally recruited by BB as well... I've gone back on occasion but it's not the same - and most of the Xanga peeps I was close to there are on FB anyhow.

    - Pete


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