Monday, May 9, 2011

New Novel!

I have a new novel in the works.  I've written well over 6,000 words today!

I know a lot of writers use jazzed-up versions of Word to write, but I prefer a program called MyNovel*.  I did a ton of research, downloaded and rejected dozens of applications, and this was the best I could find for Windows-based software.  A lot of writing software out there is structured for play writers, so you get this indexing and dialogging format crap that doesn't translate at all to novel writing.  MyNovel is specifically for novel writing, with built in character-creating tools, printing formats for submitting manuscripts, and more.  I like that it is customizable, since you all know I like to make things look pretty :).  It allows you to click a button to look at how many words you've written, how close you are to your daily goals, and how readable your novel is. If any potential or current writers are reading my blog, consider checking MyNovel out!

*NOTE:  I am not being paid to advertise this software - I just like it, okay!?

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